The first i-Pad exclusive news publication, The Daily launched in February 2011 to change the way consumers interact with news and storytelling. In 2011, The Daily was the #1 iPad news app and the #3 iPad app overall only 11 months after inception. The Daily went on to launch on the iPhone, Kindle Fire and select Verizon Samsung Tablets. Winning several editorial and design awards, including a Webby and an Appy, The Daily built a dedicated audience who spent 25-30 minutes with the app each day. As a producer, I led and managed the publication process and production workflow of the entire daily publication, including 45 News and Business tablet pages. I liaised with the newsroom on the shape and length of stories, while managing a large team of designers and production designers as well as allocating and assigning design and production resources on a daily basis. In addition to the daily production, I conceived and produced interactive, HTML5 content and template assets for The Daily, including pieces for the 2012 campaign cycle, among others.

The Daily Design Reel from Harry Tanielyan on Vimeo.


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November 2011-December 2012